A young Jedi hiding out in the New Empire.


Jedi/3. Male. Age:18.

Str 13 Dex 12 Con 10 Int 8 Wis 15 Cha 14

Languages:Basic Initiative:7 Force Points:6 Base Attack:3 Speed:6

HP:46. Damage Threshold:14.

Defenses: FORT:14. REF:15. WILL:16.

SKILLS: Acrobatics 2, Climb 2, Deception 3, Endurance 1 Gather Information 3, Initiative 7(T), Jump 2 Perception(Force)(T) 13, Persuasion 3, Pilot 2, Ride 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3, Swim 2, Treat Injury 3, Use Computer Use The Force(T) 13.

TALENTS: Deflect, Force Perception.

FEATS: Skill Focus(Use the Force), Force Trainingx3 Force Sensitivity, Weapon Prof(Light sabers), Weapon Prof(Simple Weapons).

FORCE POWERS: Move Object, Force Slam, Mind Trick Negate Energy, Surge, Force Disarm, Force Thrust, Battle Strike,

Equipment: All Temp Cloak, Utility Belt, Comlink(SR), 775 Credits.

Weapons: Light Saber 2d8+1



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